Lustre Pure Light Acne treatment system

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    Product description

    The only blue-light treatment preferred and endorsed by Dr Hilary Jones and professional skin clinics across the UK, Lustre Pure Light is an easy to use ‘hands free’ 3rd generation acne treatment that delivers a precise and targeted dose of blue light to kill acne bacteria naturally and without side effects. It is applied directly to the affected hands-free area whilst you to get on with your life.

    Lustre Pure Light is used and recommended by over 200 leading UK clinics and has very high satisfaction levels amongst the many Acne sufferers.

    Lustre Pure Light was developed by two leading Professors over many years at Ninewells Teaching hospital in Dundee and from St Andrews University and is now available in a highly advanced 3rd Generation device.

    Lustre Pure Light kills spots naturally and is a proven technology designed to allow you to get on with your life. The device is worn for up to 60 minutes a day for 8-12 weeks and visible improvements are seen from just 4 weeks or less with the best results being seen from 8-12 weeks. Thereafter Lustre Pure Light can be used as an outbreak management device helping you to take control of your acne not just now, but for years to come.

    The product comes with everything you need contained within the treatment box including:
    • The Controller
    • 3 therapy heads which deliver the blue light to the skin
    • A charger. No batteries are required
    • Easy to follow instructions for use
    • Hypo allergenic attachments strips which allow you to target the affected areas for treatment

    How Lustre Works

    P. acnes is a bacteria which normally lives on skin. Under certain circumstances, often associated with hormonal, lifestyle or diet changes the sebaceous gland will over produce a natural oil called sebum.

    As the sebum and bacteria continue to grow, white blood cells move into the area and begin to fight the bacteria, this causes swelling or inflammation, and a spot forms.

    This process will continue until the white blood cells have managed to fight the P. acnes infection and the inflammation stops or until the pore is unblocked and the sebum levels are reduced.

    The bacteria that cause acne produce a chemical called porphyrin.When blue light at a specific wavelength is applied to this porphyrin it becomes excited. This active porphyrin has been clinically proven to destroy the bacteria.

    Lustre Pure Light treatment harnesses the safe, blue part of the natural light spectrum and the technology has been clinically proven to eliminate the bacteria that cause spots while also being gentle on the skin.

    Lustre Pure Light emits light at 415 nm and does not contain any ultraviolet light, which can damage skin.

    How does blue light kill the bacteria which causes acne?

    Many patients find that their skin improves and spots seem better when they have been out in the sunshine. However sunlight also contains ultraviolet (UVA-UVB) light which can damage skin and even cause skin cancer.

    Scientists have found that visible blue light at a wavelength of 415 nm does not cause damage to the skin but is effective in killing P. acnes, the bacteria which causes acne.

    Blue light has been used by dermatologists for many years to treat mild to moderate acne.

    Please follow the instructions for use contained within the treatment box

    Hazards and Cautions

    Always read the instructions for use before commencing a treatment

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    Lustre Pure Light Acne treatment system


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    Lustre Pure Light is a unique and patented hands-free 3rd generation acne treatment designed by leading dermatologists. Using blue-light technology, it delivers a safe, highly targeted and proven treatment killing the bacteria that causes Acne.

    This item comes with a standard UK plug. An ADAPTOR may be required to use this product outside of the UK.

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